Income Assistance Program


This program provides financial assistance to Northwest Territories (NWT) residents to help meet basic and enhanced needs. The program encourages and supports greater self-reliance to improve the quality of lives.

Available Funding

Funding is based on the size of family and community, for food, community cost adjustment, clothing, and furnishings. The program provides assistance with shelter and utilities, based on actual amounts. Allowances for seniors and persons living with disabilities are also available to eligible residents.


Income Assistance is a month to month program, applicants must apply and provide all required documents during a given month. Applications would need to be received by the end of the month.


This program is designed for: 

  • NWT residents who are 19 years of age or older
  • Have a need greater than their income
  • Participate in a productive choice, unless they are exempt. Productive Choices could include: wage employment, career planning, education and training, volunteer community work, traditional activities, parenting, caring for an adult family member, or wellness activities.

How to Apply

To apply, complete an application for income assistance and provide identification and information on your finances to a local ECE Service Centre.

A Client Services Officer at your local ECE Service Centre can help you complete your application.

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