Vision and Principles

Income Security Programs Vision and Principles


Income Security Programs, in combination with developmental opportunities, help Northerners to become self-reliant as individual capacity allows, to participate fully in community life, and to share in the opportunities available to them.


Income Security Programs:

  • Encourage self-reliance
  • Treat individuals with respect and dignity
  • Have clear policies and procedures
  • Target benefits to those most in need

Income Security Programs include Income Assistance (IA), NWT Child Benefit (NWTCB), NWT Senior Citizen Supplementary Benefit (SCSB), Senior Home Heating Subsidy (SHHS), and Student Financial Assistance (SFA).

For more information about ECE Income Security programs, call 1-866-973-7252 or visit your local ECE Service Centre.

Service Level Commitments

Income Security Programs guarantee we will:

  • Provide courteous, quality service and answer all of your questions;
  • Treat you with dignity and respect;
  • Protect your personal information and correct your personal information if there has been an error or omission;
  • Only use your personal information for the purpose of determining program eligibility;
  • Welcome a friend, family member, or advocate to come to meetings with you;
  • Work with you towards reaching self-reliance;

 We will achieve this by:

  • Providing a response (verbal or written) to your application within 2 business days of verifying all of your required documents;
    • If approved, we will issue payment within the same timeframe;
  • Returning your telephone and e-mail messages within 2 business days;
  • Assisting you with filing an appeal if you do not agree with a decision; and
  • Conducting periodic customer satisfaction surveys to ensure optimum service.