About ECE

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) encompasses many programs and services needed within a government structure.

The Department is mandated to provide residents of the Northwest Territories with access to quality programs, services and supports to assist residents in making informed and productive choices for themselves and their families in regard to education, training, careers, employment and labour, child development, languages, culture and heritage. 

Our Goals:

  • Pride in our Culture: Northerners who are knowledgeable about and proud of their culture, heritage and language. Culture, heritage and language are the foundation for learning.
  • Education of Children and Youth – A strong foundation for learning and students achieving their potential in a results‐based education system.
  • Education of Adults – A wide range of education opportunities and adults who are self‐ reliant and able to take full advantage of social and economic opportunities.
  • A Skilled and Productive Work Environment – NWT residents with the skills, knowledge and opportunities to participate fully as productive citizens in the Northern economy.
  • People Participating Fully in Society – Northerners actively participating in community and society to their fullest potential within an integrated, comprehensive and responsive system of supports.