The Department of Education, Culture and Employment is divided into many divisions and then further divided into program areas - each working to further the Department's goals and mandate. 

Here is a brief breakdown of the 4 key activity areas offering programs and services to the public:

  1. Corporate Management
    • Directorate
    • Finance and Capital Planning
    • Planning, Research and Evaluation
    • Policy, Legislation and Communications 
  2. Income Security 
    • Income Assistance 
    • Student Financial Assistance
  3. Education and Culture 
    • Indigenous Languages and Education Secretariat 
    • Culture and Heritage
    • Early Learning and Child Care
    • Education Operations and Educator Development
    • Francophone Affairs Secretariat
    • Student Support and Wellness
    • Public Library Services
    • Curriculum Development and Student Assessment
  4. Labour Development and Standards
    • Adult and Post-secondary Education
    • Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification
    • Career Development and Training 
    • Employment Standards
    • Immigration Nominee Program