Student Financial Assistance

SPECIAL ADVISORY:  Are you a post-secondary student studying outside of the NWT who plans to return to the Territory?

All NWT students returning to the territory must submit a Resident Self-Isolation Plan prior to their return and self-isolate when they arrive. In their isolation plan, students will be able to identify if they require accommodation in an isolation centre. Isolation centres in Fort Smith, Hay River, Inuvik and Yellowknife are available free-of-charge to all returning students and their dependents.  Students may be able to isolate in their own accommodation, provided it has its own entrance, kitchen and bathroom, or in the family home if all members isolate together. This opportunity is available in Fort Smith, Hay River, Fort Simpson, Yellowknife, Norman Wells and Inuvik.

Adult NWT students are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine after their self-isolation period is complete. Students who live in Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Hay River, Inuvik, or Norman Wells can contact their local public health unit to arrange vaccination in their home community. Those living in Yellowknife can book online or by calling (867) 767-9120.

Adult NWT students returning to smaller communities outside of the regional centres mentioned above who would like to get vaccinated must e-mail and provide:

  • Their full name
  • Their contact phone number
  • Their home community
  • The community they will be isolating in upon return to the NWT
  • Their date of arrival in the NWT

The Office of the Chief Public Health Officer (OCPHO) will arrange to vaccinate these students before their return home. Students who do not return to the NWT for the summer are unlikely to qualify to get the COVID-19 vaccine in another province or territory where they are not a resident.

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Student Financial Assistance Overview

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment provides financial assistance to eligible Northwest Territories (NWT) residents to assist with postsecondary education-related expenses. The Department and the SFA Program value transparency, which means being open about the policies, guidelines and regulations that govern both ECE and SFA. 

These documents are made available to the public in order to provide a foundation for fair and equal treatment for all SFA recipients and to help NWT residents navigate through the process of receiving SFA.

Scroll through the links below to learn more about the SFA program, how to apply, and to download an application form.