Mission and Values

ECE Mission:

  • To invest in and provide for the development of the people of the Northwest Territories, enabling them to reach their full potential, to lead fulfilled lives and to contribute to a strong and prosperous society.

ECE Values:

  • Commitment to Service: We exist to provide programs and services for the people of the NWT.
  • Value and Respect for Diversity: We recognize that everyone is unique and that there is strength in diversity.
  • Integrity: Our reputation depends on the way we carry out our work. To enhance our credibility, our approach to our work, to our staff and to the public we serve will be open, honest, sincere and respectful.
  • Respect for Staff: Department staff are valued and the contribution each makes to achieving our mission is recognized.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We want to excel at what we do. We are committed to fostering a climate of continuous improvement by encouraging dedication, creativity, initiative, efficiency and responsibility.