Indigenous Languages and Education

The Indigenous Languages and Education Secretariat supports the reclamation, revitalization, maintaining and strengthening of the Northwest Territories (NWT) official Indigenous languages, and improvement of publics’ access to governments programs and services in all official Indigenous languages.

Activities include:

  • Providing funding and resources to Indigenous governments, communities, Indigenous languages interpreters and translators, and Indigenous language speakers and learners
  • Supporting education bodies in the delivery of Indigenous languages and education programming that promotes Indigenous worldviews, cultures, and languages of communities in which schools are located
  • Providing support to the legislated board to promote, enhance, maintain, and revitalize the NWT’s official languages
  • Increasing the use of Indigenous languages in all NWT communities and by all residents

The Secretariat is guided by the Official Languages Act, the Indigenous Languages and Education (ILE) Policy, the NWT Indigenous Languages Framework, the NWT Indigenous Languages Action Plan.

NWT Indigenous Languages Action Plan

View the Action Plan Progress Tracker for an overview of the progress of all actions and deliverables of the plan.

The NWT Indigenous Languages Action Plan provides the GNWT with the priorities for protecting and revitalizing the Indigenous languages of the NWT.