Curriculum and School List

NWT Curriculum

Curriculum in the Northwest Territories is managed by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment. The GNWT is committed to doing its part to renew the K-12 curriculum and ensure it is taught in relevant, research-based, innovative ways. Teachers are expected to follow the NWT Curriculum which can be found in the schools across the NWT or downloaded by visiting the subject page. 

Listed below are the main subject areas in the NWT. Included in each of these subject areas are the Dene Kede and Inuuqatigiit curriculums, which can also be found under Aboriginal Languages.  

The purpose of school Aboriginal language instruction programs is to support Dene and Inuit language renewal.  Aboriginal language instructors, with the support of the school principal and the use of the Dene Kede and Inuuqatigiit curriculum documents, are to establish goals for their programs using various ways to support language learning. This can be accomplished through immersion, experiential culture camps, and the connection of other subject areas with language and culture outcomes. The main focus is to acquire the language for daily use. 

Curriculum for the main subject areas can be downloaded by visiting each individual pages below.