Graduation Requirements

In order to successfully complete high school in the NWT, and earn a high school diploma, students must meet the following minimum graduation requirements:

Language Arts
(or *Francais if enrolled in a French first language school)

15 credits (5 at each level 10, 20 and 30)


10 credits (5 at level 10 and 20)


10 credits (5 at level 10 and 5 at level 20 or 30)

Northern Studies

5 credits (level 10)

Social Studies

10 credits ( 5 at level 10 and 20)

Fine Arts

3 credits (any level)

Physical Education

3 credits (level 10)

Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

5 credits (any level)

Community Service

1 credit (25 hours of unpaid service)

Career and Program Plan (CPP)

1 credit (grade 9)

Career and Life Management (CALM)

3 credits ( level 20)


24 credits (any level)

Additional 30 level Credits

10 credits (at level 30, in addition to Language Arts 30)

Minimum Total Credits





























Completion of high school is a milestone but does not guarantee entrance into post-secondary programs. Each post-secondary program has specific requirements. Students are therefore encouraged to complete more than the minimum requirements outlined above and to maintain marks in their classes that meet the entrance requirements of the program of their choice.