Safe and Caring Schools

The Northwest Territories Education Act, Safe School Regulations, Territorial School Code of Conduct, Safe School Plans and their prescribed content, ensure that policies and procedures are in place to promote a positive learning environment and keep students and staff safe, both in the prevention and response of bullying and emergencies. Students, parents, school staff and all members of the school community have the shared responsibility to establish an effective education system in a safe, respectful and caring atmosphere.

The focus of ECE in the area of Safe and Caring schools is to work with District Education Councils (DECs) or District Education Authorities (DEAs) to support school community safety and wellness. This includes:

  • The development and implementation of comprehensive Safe and Caring School Plans, including emergency response plans such as evacuation and lockdown procedures
  • Self-Regulation and Social Emotional Learning
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Evidence-based healthy relationships training, including topics of:
    • Consent
    • Bullying and harassment prevention and intervention
    • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Living Well Together: Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training (ICAST), Dene Kede and Inuuqatigiit, and other anti-racism initiatives
  • Responses to suspected child abuse and/or neglect
  • Tracking of student incidences to ensure evidence-based responses within schools and throughout the territory