Private Training Institutions


A private training institution is a private business which offers post-secondary education programs.

Institutional Accreditation Process

  • Complete the System Coordination Review form (below). This is an initial step to determine the suitability of the program for NWT post-secondary education.
  • If successful, complete the Private Training Institution and Private Vocational Training application form (below).
    • Ensure all necessary documentation has been provided with the application form.
  • Once your application is received, public input will be collected by the GNWT for 15 business days. This includes input from other PSE institutions.
  • The application will be reviewed by the Minister of Education, Culture, and Employment.
    • If it is rejected, the Institution has 10 business days to respond.
    • If it is accepted, it is referred to the Quality Assurance Review Advisory Committee.
  • The Committee will make a recommendation to the Minister.
    • If it is rejected, the Institution has 10 business days to respond.
    • If it is accepted, a Certificate of Registration and/or authorization to operate will be provided.
  • The certificate of registration awarded to the Private Training Institution will identify the programs the institution is authorized to deliver.  If an institution wishes to deliver a program not listed on the certificate of registration, they must complete an application for the new proposed program. This is initiated through the System Coordination Review. Learn more.  

Length of Process

  • A recommendation on System Coordination Review applications will be made in 30 business days.
  • The quality assurance review for Private Training Institutions and Private Vocational Training applications can take six to eight months.
  • Review the Service Standards here