Accreditation of Institutions

What does it mean if a post-secondary institution is accredited?

Accreditation means that a post-secondary education institution or program has gone through a quality assurance review and met territorial post-secondary education standards.

What are the benefits of accreditation?

When a post-secondary education institution is accredited, there are benefits for both the institution and its students, including:

  • Students can be confident that the credits they have earned are transferable to institutions in other jurisdictions
  • Recognition that the programs offered at the institution have gone through a quality assurance process and met territorial standards that support labour market needs
  • Creates a territorial post-secondary education system that adheres to consistent standards, creating confidence for employers
  • Students attending accredited institutions can be eligible for Student Financial Assistance
  • Allows institutions from other jurisdictions to provide programming in the NWT that has been reviewed and accredited
  • Institutions can work towards becoming a Designated Learning Institution, making them eligible to accept international students