Hunter Education – Locally Developed Course

Developed in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR), Hunter Education is a three-credit Locally Developed Course (LDC) intended for Grade 10 students.

The purpose of the course is to heighten respect, reduce wounding and wastage of wildlife, encourage full utilization of hunted animals, and increase hunter safety. One principle of Hunter Education is that hunters, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, should be guided by the wisdom of past generations. They must follow a code of conduct that has served NWT hunters for centuries: showing respect for wildlife, the environment, people, and the self.

This philosophy is captured in the Wheel of Respect, a unifying theme of the course. In January 2020, the regulations of the renewed Wildlife Act were finalized — one regulation being any new resident hunter must have passed the Hunter Education course before they are eligible to receive a hunting licence. This new high school course increases the accessibility of this material to students.

In Hunter Education, students will acquire a working knowledge of the key hunting safety skills and techniques, including an overview of hunting acts and regulations, ecology and wildlife management, and survival skills. In the teaching of this course, teachers are encouraged to work with local Elders, ENR officers, hunters, and other experts in their community.

NWT Hunter Education Curriculum and Materials:

Hunter Education Teacher Resource

Hunter Education Student Manual

Additional course materials are available via the CANVAS platform.

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