Francophone Affairs Secretariat

Official Languages Annual Reports

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) works with all official languages communities and leadership to address issues affecting languages and cultures in the Northwest Territories (NWT). 

The languages of the North are many and diverse, and their importance to each language group is great because they symbolize culture and group identity. Some languages are visible in isolated communities where they are used in daily community activities. Others are endangered where there are few speakers actively using the language. Northerners need the capacity to revitalize and maintain their languages and the Government of the Northwest Territories will maintain its endeavors in support of our languages in the NWT. We will continue to work closely with the language communities of the NWT in supporting their plans and activities to revitalize and improve the overall health of our languages.

Each year an Official Languages review is conducted and a report issued to demonstrate the progress that the GNWT has made towards language promotion and development, and delivery of language programs and services across the Northwest Territories.