Education Renewal

NWT Education Renewal is a comprehensive 10-year initiative focused on reviewing and renewing the K-12 education system in the Northwest Territories.

This work has been prompted in part by the recommendations of the Office of the Auditor General (2010), as well as through the growing evidence from NWT data, research and engagement with many education partners. All of these reports, data, research and engagements suggest that, while there are many examples of extraordinary schools, teachers and learning programs in the NWT that need to be celebrated, the current approach to education is not producing the overall levels of student achievement that are needed and should reasonably be expected from the investments that are being made.

Education Renewal is the rare opportunity to rethink the school experience in this territory -- to confirm some things we are doing, to shift others and to think creatively about the best possible learning environments and experiences for NWT students in the 21st Century.

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