Postsecondary Opportunities for Educators

Research tells us that teachers who continue growing professionally throughout their careers have a positive impact on student success. NWT educators need opportunities to continue learning and improving their teaching skills. They also need to better understand their northern context and the best ways to strengthen teaching and learning in northern communities.

The work of Education Renewal in this area focuses on giving educators the ongoing learning opportunities they need to be excellent teachers and principals. For example, an on-the-land Masters course was offered to NWT educators in 2015 through the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning. Participants in this course learned about connecting to the land and to the knowledge and relationships that are at the heart of Aboriginal identity and ways of life. An evaluation of this program is being done that will inform improvements brought for future years. In addition, in partnership with Queens University, distance courses are offered to NWT educators in Kindergarten, Behaviour and Reading. Future work in this area will include giving NWT teachers and principals access to more courses.