Education Renewal Framework

NWT Education Renewal is a comprehensive 10-year initiative focused on reviewing and renewing the K-12 education system in the Northwest Territories.

was tabled in the 17th Legislative Assembly on October 31st, 2013.

The Framework guides the changes that the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, along with education partners, will be working together to make over the next ten years.

This Framework details:

  • the history and current realities of the NWT education system
  • eight foundational statements meant to guide the direction of future education
  • nine major commitments that the GNWT has made toward education in the NWT 

GNWT Commitments toward Education in the NWT

The nine GNWT commitments toward education in the NWT are based on research, data and best northern practices that have been identified through various engagements across the NWT.

The GNWT will do its part to:

1. Ensure that the school and community work together to build and renew positive relationships.

2. Ensure that student wellness and the development of a positive sense of identity are promoted and embedded in school experiences, programming, and environments.

3. Ensure that educators have access to experiences and resources that enhance their wellness in order for them to focus on excellence in teaching.

4. Ensure that learners experience supported and personalized quality education.

5. Ensure that the strengths and realities of small communities are recognized and built upon in order to ensure equitable, quality education in all NWT communities.

6. Renew the K-12 curriculum and ensure it is taught in relevant, research-based, innovative ways.

7. Ensure that assessment of learning and actions taken in response to systemic data are comprehensive, strength-based, and growthoriented.

8. Ensure that the education system is monitored, measured and reported on to provide transparency and accountability in order to best support student success.

9. Continue to work with Aboriginal governments to be successful as they draw down jurisdiction over the education of their people.