What is Education Renewal?


NWT Education Renewal is about providing all students with the best education to seize opportunities for success in the path they choose. It is also about helping educators work together, have positive working environments, and opportunities to learn and grow. When students and teachers are well and when they work in positive, supporting learning environments, the community benefits. Schools can be places where all community members grow, learn, and share together.

Some of the main beliefs of Education Renewal are:

  • That students must have the opportunity to explore their gifts and things that interest them
  • Schools must offer students the right supports for the best start in life, and choices for their future
  • Teachers should be equipped to guide students through their learning
  • Educators must have good working conditions and professional learning opportunities

Every school in every community in the NWT is vastly different. Although some have similar needs, NWT regions are so unique and diverse that a “one size fits all” approach will not work. This is why having pilot projects taking place in regions is so important. Projects and changes brought up through evaluations of trial programs can be adapted and flexible for teachers and students from the South Slave to the Beaufort Delta. All communities in the Northwest Territories should have access to similar programming, however there will be a variety of differences in the way those programs are delivered and the way those programs are offered depending on the community and the resources available.


Discussions and meetings about Education Renewal in the NWT began in 2012. Since there have been many meetings, roundtable discussions, collaboration opportunities, working groups formed, and actions identified. For detailed history timeline click here