NWT Arts Strategy 2021-2031

The creative community plays a central role in preserving the NWT’s cultures and languages, diversifying our local economies, and sharing the beauty of NWT art far and wide. Art raises the profile of our territory, enrich our lives, and improve our well-being and provides an essential piece of our identity, culture, and heritage.

The NWT Arts Strategy 2021-2031 sets out a vision for how we, along with other governments, organizations, commercial ventures, individual creators, and various supporters will support the creative sector for the next 10 years.

Download a copy of the NWT Arts Strategy 2021-2031 (PDF).


This strategy sets out four main goals to foster on-going support for our artists.

Goal 1: Improve GNWT arts programs and services

  • Increase internal GNWT awareness of the Arts Strategy. Improve alignment of GNWT programs and services with Arts Strategy Goals.
  • Create the foundation for an increased accountability of public funding to the creative sector.

Goal 2: Strengthen education, engagement and leadership in the arts

  • Increase opportunities for local artists to share their art skills and knowledge with school aged children.
  • Ensure artists have access to professional development opportunities in core aspects of their profession.
  • Increase public awareness of and engagement with the arts.
  • Encourage private and public investment in the arts.

Goal 3: Support arts infrastructure

  • Increase community spaces to create, promote, sell and enjoy art.
  • Increase access to and availability of materials, technology and equipment across the territory.

Goal 4: Strengthen the NWT creative sector

  • Ensure arts stakeholders and community leaders are connected and working together.
  • Explore the creation of an NWT Arts Association.
  • Promote the creative sector in the territory and beyond to increase economic development opportunities for all NWT artists.
  • Increase access to arts funding.
  • Improve marketing resources for artists, retailers and organizers.

Measuring progress

The nature of the arts presents unique challenges for measuring their overall impact. The GNWT will collect information on the strategy every year and publish a performance measurement report at five year intervals, in 2026 and 2031.