Apply for early learning and child care infrastructure funding

Apply for early learning and child care infrastructure funding

What is this funding for?

The GNWT has established a new funding program to provide non-profit organizations and Indigenous governments with funding for infrastructure repairs and retrofits to support the creation of new licensed, centre-based child care spaces in communities. 

There is $500,000 in funding available for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Priority will be given to communities with limited or non-existent early learning and child care programming.

How do I apply?

Organizations can contact regional Early Childhood Consultants (ECCs) to receive the information needed to apply for funding.
ECCs are available to help organizations with developing their proposals and submitting the necessary information.

What should be included in my proposal?

  • Tell us who you are including your name, mailing and e-mail addresses, phone number, and address or legal description of the program space (if different from your mailing address).
  •  A description of the project and the work to be done including a cost estimate (the best options are a an estimate from an architectural or engineering firm or quote from a qualified contractor).
  • A demonstrated need for physical space that will result in additional new licensed early leaning and child care spaces for children.  After this, ECE will consider applications that show work is needed to preserve existing spaces or that the mix of spaces needs to change (e.g. renovations required to redesign the type of spaces from infant to preschool).  
  • Financial information (revenue; expenditures; debts) for your program showing it is in good shape (financial statements are best but other forms will be considered).  Applicants need to provide a portion of the project cost so make sure to note how much you can contribute.  ECE may establish financial hardship criteria for exceptional circumstances.
  • The address or legal description of the space you want to do a project on including a document that proves you have a legal right to occupy and use the space (e.g. a lease or other agreement; a certificate of title).  If you don’t have this yet, contact your ECC for advice. 
  • If it exists (mostly for existing spaces), any documentation from third parties showing the need for work to be done (e.g. communications with the Office of the Fire Marshal or inspection reports).
  • Things that are really good to have, but that are not required, are architectural drawings for the project and letters of support from community members, organizations, or governments.

When is the deadline?

The call for proposals period for 2021-2022 is currently open. Please submit your applications by March 31, 2021.