JK-12 Administration

Education Operations and Development

The Education Operations and Development Division provides support to education authorities and schools offering Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 (JK-12) programs through the;

  • Teacher Certification Program;
  • Teacher Induction/Mentorship Program for teachers new to the North or to the profession;
  • Training and Certification of Principals (Education Leadership Program);
  • Maintenance of a student record system and provision of transcripts of marks received and credits earned in the Senior Secondary Program (Grades 10-12);
  • Issuing of Grade 12 diplomas; and
  • Training and development programs for Divisional Education Authorities.

The following documents provide further information on education in the NWT, as well as various policies and procedures specific to JK-12 administration. 

In the NWT, Educational Directives convey policies, responsibilities, and procedures as set by the Minister of Education in accordance with the Education Act, NWT School Funding Framework for education bodies. 

Education Plans

Education planning reports are developed prior to most major school projects. The reports, along with the Capital Standards and Criteria, are used to guide the school facility planning and design process.