Digital Literacy - Teacher Resource

To assist teachers in facilitating online safety, digital literacy, web awareness, the Department of Education, Culture and Employment licenses three resources from Canada’s leader in digital literacy, Mediasmarts:

  • Passport to the internet. This resource is intended for Grade 4-8 students. Its five modules focus on social networking and privacy; tricks of the trade of online advertisers; authentication skills and judging reliability through a mock search engine; safe and wise web surfing; and ethical use of messaging services.
  • MyWorld. This resource is intended for high school students. Its four chapters aim to teach authenticating online information; managing your reputation and privacy online; dealing with online relationships; and acting ethically online.
  • Web Awareness Workshop Series. This resource is intended for adults who need to “keep ahead of kids on prevailing internet issues”. The self-directed and group delivery learning tools offer teachers a comprehensive program on safety, privacy, marketing, cyberbullying, and evaluation of online information

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