Child Care Fee Reduction

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The Child Care Fee Reduction subsidy provides funding to licensed family day homes to reduce the child care fees they charge to families and enhance child care affordability in the NWT.

More information about what this funding means for you:

Available Funding

The amount of funding provided to family day homes will vary based on the type of child care spaces and ages of the children attending the licensed program. 

The actual reduction in the amount families can expect to pay for child care fees will depend on the current fee the licensed program is charging and the age of the child.

Family day homes receive funding to administer the Child Care Fee Reduction subsidy, this amount is calculated monthly based on the number of children registered per month.

Number of Registered Children per Month Administration Funding per Month Maximum Administration Funding per Year
1 to 10 $150/month $1,800/year
11 to 30 $450/month $5,400/year
31 to 50 $750/month $9,000/year
51 to 80 $1,200/month $14,400/year
81 or more           $1,500/month $18,000/year

Licensed centre-based programs now receive the Child Care Fee Reduction subsidy as part of the new Dedicated and Flexible funding, rather than as separate funding. This reduces administrative burden to centre-based programs while continuing to support reduced child care fees charged to families.


There is no deadline for this funding.


  • Licensed family day homes

How to apply

Licensed family day homes do not need to apply as eligible funding amounts are calculated based on annual reporting or during licensing.

Families with children five years of age or younger who are enrolled in a licensed early learning and child care program do not need to apply to receive a reduction in their fees.