Child Care Fee Reduction Subsidy 2024 Increases Information for Licensed Programs

On April 1, 2024, licensed programs that charge child care fees received an increase in their Child Care Fee Reduction (CCFR) subsidy to pass on to families. The increased amount is up to 74% of child care fees (a 14% increase from last year) up to the maximum limits listed below.

The subsidy amount for out-of-school will remain the same as the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

Space Type 2024-2025 2023-2024 
Infant space (0 to 23 months) $760/month $665/month
Preschool (2 to 5 years) $750/month  $640/month
Out-of-school (3 to 5 years) $175/month $175/month

Why can’t families apply for the subsidy directly?

Each province and territory’s Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement requires that the subsidy funding flow through licensed program providers. This is the process across the country.

How does the GNWT manage accountability for the funding?

Licensed programs must agree that these funds will be used to reduce child care fees and are required to provide quarterly reports on the funding provided to families.

Future payments will be adjusted accordingly for any unused funds or overpayments. You will need to submit their fee schedule annually, and centre-based programs must submit their financial statements.

Can unlicensed early learning and child care programs access the funding?

No. Unlicensed early learning and child care programs are encouraged to become licensed to be eligible to receive funding from the GNWT. Upon becoming licensed, program providers will be eligible to receive funding that will enable them to reduce child care fees the month after the program becomes licensed.