Service Standards

The Early Childhood Program funding is provided to licensed early childhood programs that offer care for children ranging from birth up to 11 years old. The program helps parents access work and education opportunities by supporting child care programs for children from infancy to six years old, and after-school care for children while providing safe, play-based, learning areas for balanced growth and development during the early, critical years of life.

Our Services

Regional Early Childhood Consultants help program operators by:

  • Navigating the license application process and requirements;
  • Conducting annual inspections of licensed early childhood programs;
  • Sharing knowledge of child development;
  • Modeling best practices in early learning;
  • Providing program development knowledge;
  • Supporting operators who are eligible for operational expenses funding; and
  • Providing resources.

Program Services and Service Standards

General Communication

  • We will return all telephone messages and emails within 2 business days.

Annual Inspections

  • We will conduct annual inspections prior to the license expiry.