Programs for Communities

Small Community Employment Support Program

The Small Community Employment Support Program is a GNWT-funded program which supports small NWT communities and regional centres in developing employment opportunities, which may include on-the-job training, for their residents.


Local community governments called Designated Community Authorities are eligible for funding. Designated Community Authorities are governments of cities, towns, villages, hamlets or charter communities designated by legislation to provide the services, products and facilities that form all or part of a municipality.

To access the program, Designated Community Authorities are required to develop annual plans that identify how they will create or offer employment opportunities in their communities.


Funding is provided through distribution agreements between ECE and Designated Community Authorities and consists of a base amount and an additional allocation based on the number of individuals aged 15 and older, and their employment rates.

Labour Market Development Plans

In addition to annual plans, support is available for Designated Community Authorities to develop new community-based labour market plans to assist in identifying priorities and opportunities in the long-term and focusing resources at the community level.

Designated Community Authoriites that are currently without labour market development plans have the flexibility to develop plans internally or secure an external service provider.

For more information about this program, contact your regional ECE Service Centre.


Small Communities Employment Strategy

A first of its kind, the Small Communities Employment Strategy outlines how the Government of the Northwest Territories will enhance employment and training opportunities and outcomes in small communities.

The six-year Strategy builds on key initiatives and includes actions focused on the creation of jobs, such as maximizing employment opportunities in the completion of community infrastructure and economic development projects and partnering with communities to support the development of community labour market development plans.

The Strategy is a Mandate commitment of the 18th Legislative Assembly and an action item of the Skills 4 Success 4-year Action Plan.

In developing the Strategy, 411 stakeholders, from 31 communities across the Northwest Territories, participated in the engagement process which built off of feedback provided by over 1,000 residents and organizations for the Skills 4 Success initiative.


Small Communities Employment Strategy

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