Applying for Work

For educators who may be considering a position in the Northwest Territories (NWT), it is recommended to follow these general steps:

  1. All education bodies in the NWT utilize two online application platforms Education Canada and Apply to Education for education positions. Submit an online application on one or both of these platforms. Ensure your cover letter and resume are posted to the general online NWT application pool that exists for both platforms.
  2. From February through April each year, applicants can respond and post to the general ads for early interested applicants that exist on both platforms. You may be contacted in response to the general ad. From March through July of each year, continue to check for new and more specific job postings to respond to and post your information.
  3. As well as Education Canada and Apply to Education, NWT education bodies also post positions on the GNWT eRecruit website:
  4. Once you have accepted a job, then you can apply for an NWT teaching certificate by visiting Teacher Qualification and Certification.