Employment and Internship Opportunities

GNWT Summer Student Employment Program

If you are interested in summer employment and you are returning to a college or university program in the fall or winter and have proof of registration, the GNWT may have a summer job for you. The Summer Student Employment Program runs from April 15 to August 15.

For more information, contact Human Resources Recruitment Unit by e-mail at summerstudents@gov.nt.ca or phone 1-867-920-3300.

For the most up-to-date information and how to apply, please visit careers.hr.gov.nt.ca/en/opportunities/summer-students.

Other Summer Student Employment Opportunities

The Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) program conducts field studies and office based analysis in order to update public geological maps and knowledge of Canada’s north.

GEM is looking for students from all levels (post-secondary to university) from the north with knowledge in geoscience, communications, social sciences or related subjects, interested in how the GSC does its work. If you are currently exploring summer job options and from a northern community - this may be the opportunity for you! 

Job Opportunities for Northerners Call for interest - Geological Survey of Canada

GNWT Internship Program

The Internship Program helps NWT graduates find that all-important first job and gain work experience and skills in or outside the public service.

For the most up-to-date information and how to apply, please visit careers.hr.gov.nt.ca/en/opportunities/northern-graduates or email northernstudents@gov.nt.ca.

Some features of this program are:

  • career development workshops
  • job placement support and
  • jobs for graduates in education, nursing and social work programs

Career Planning

ECE staff can help you go places with career counselling, information on budgeting, managing your time, peer pressure and coping with stress.

The career development staff also provide information, resources and advice to help you successfully plan for your future. Contact your local ECE Service Centre to make an appointment.