Guides and Finding Aids

These resources provide historical information to help people learn more about NWT Archives holdings and history. Click on the title to view.

GNWT Government Structure Guide

Using many historical Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) resources, this visual guide demonstrates the historical functional structures of the GNWT, with departments and major sections and program units as they have existed through time (1967-2022).

Guide to Sessions of the Council of the Northwest Territories and Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories

This guide explains the evolution of governance in the Northwest Territories. It gives a historical overview of the Council of the NWT, the Legislative Assembly, and a listing of all available legislative Sessions and where to find them at the NWT Archives.

Guide to the Unprocessed Photograph Collections of the GNWT

This guide explains the history of photography in the Government of the NWT (GNWT). It provides descriptions of NWT Archives government photo collections that are currently mostly unprocessed (not online), which comprise over 111,000 photographs.

Report on the History of NWT Educational Facilities

This comprehensive review of educational facilities of the NWT provides an overview of schools and residences in each community, from 1862 to 2021.