Donating Records

Do you have anything of interest to the NWT Archives?

The NWT Archives is always adding to its holdings. We are interested in records that help tell the stories of the lives of people and organizations who lived or operated in the NWT. The NWT Archives doesn’t necessarily acquire all the records offered.

What’s involved in donating material to the Archives?

There are several things that need to be taken into consideration if you are thinking about donating materials to the Archives.

  • Ownership of the records. Materials acquired by the NWT Archives become the physical property of the NWT Archives. That means that donors must sign a gift agreement which explains what materials are being given to the archives and under what conditions.

  • Access restrictions. What if you think the material is sensitive and should not be freely accessible? The NWT Archives is open to discussing restricting access to documents; however, one of our purposes is to make records available to the public.

  • Copyright. Common practice is for copyright to be transferred to the NWT Archives.

If you think you may have records of interest to the NWT Archives, contact us! We’ll be glad to discuss what records you have and to discuss options for donating the records to the Archives.

Does the Archives buy records?

Unfortunately, the NWT Archives does not have the resources to purchase records.

What about getting a tax receipt?

Unfortunately, the NWT Archives cannot offer tax receipts.

More questions?

If you have more questions or wish to donate material to the NWT Archives please contact the Territorial Archivist at (867) 767-9347 ex 71210 or email