Supporting Documents

Skills 4 Success Supporting Documents


  • Skills 4 Success 4-Year Action Plan 2016-2020
    • Action Plan 2016-2020 contains 24 actions for implementation over four years to improve employment success for the people of the NWT. It aligns directly with the Skills 4 Success 10-Year Strategic Framework and focuses on jobs that are in-demand in the NWT to prepare residents for employment that exists today and will be needed in the future.
    • The Action Plan will improve the NWT’s adult and postsecondary education and skills training system to support residents with skills for success to be first in line for NWT jobs. It supports four goals related to skills development, streamlined supports, NWT workforce partnerships, and labour market information.
    • The actions were chosen based on evidence from program research, informed stakeholder engagements and NWT labour market information. They provide a solid path to identify and implement appropriate programs and supports to prepare NWT residents for future employment opportunities.
  • Skills 4 Success 4-Year Action Plan 2016-2020 - At a Glance Document
  • Skills 4 Success 10-Year Strategic Framework
    • This framework sets out a 10-year path for ongoing partnership, engagement, action planning and implementation. It will ensure that the education and training system keeps pace with the changing dynamics of the labour market so that NWT residents gain the skills required in a 21st century economy and labour market.
    • This work was driven by the need for a comprehensive strategy to improve employment success for NWT residents, close skills gaps for in-demand jobs and more effectively respond to employer, industry and community needs. The framework goals and priorities set out a new direction to address forecasted labour market demands in the NWT. 
  • NWT Labour Market Forecast and Needs Assessment
    • This report is a summary of the Labour Market Information Resource and highlights the education and skill levels needed for jobs in-demand for the NWT. This information is important as it will help students, job seekers and workers make informed decisions about careers that interest them and more importantly, are in-demand. Employers, business owners, educators/trainers, and policy makers can also use this information to develop human resource strategies and deliver programs that respond to long-term employment needs.  

  • Labour Market Information Resource

    • Prepared by The Conference Board of Canada, the Labour Market Information Resource presents an overview of the socio-economic profile and forecasts of the NWT over the next 15 years.  This Labour Market Information Resource has two main objectives:

      • To help the GNWT and its stakeholders better understand the characteristics of the NWT’s current labour market and resident labour force; and
      • The help the GNWT and its stakeholders anticipate employer hiring needs under current market conditions and reasonable alternative scenarios up to the year 2030.
  • Skills for Success Performance Measurement Plan
    • The Skills 4 Success Performance Measurement Plan for the 4-Year Action Plan 2016-2020, includes twelve broad measure of success, to which specific performance indicators have been selected and will be measured up to the year 2020.
  • Skills 4 Success 2016 - 2020 Performance Review Report
    • This progress review report reflects on performance measures of the Skills 4 Success 10-Year Strategic Framework’s Action Plan 2016-2020.
  • GNWT Information and Resource Guide 2022 and ECE Information and Resource Guide 2022
    • The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) have published two Information and Resource Guides that Northwest Territories (NWT) residents, employers and communities can use to source training, employment and labour market information.

      These guides outline the variety of skills development and training programs available to communities and residents through the GNWT and ECE. The information and resources in these guides will be refreshed annually to ensure continued success of individuals, employers, and communities in advancing the NWT workforce and economy.