Mangilaluk School major renovation

Scope of the renovation

The renovation of Mangilalik school will see the building of a new 534-square metre gymnasium and a standalone 220-square metre career and technology studies building. The old gym area will be renovated to contain a library, kitchen, culture room, high school lounge, and support facilities for the new gym, such as washrooms and change rooms. The remaining existing interior spaces will be fully renovated. 

The total building area will increase from 2,622 m2 to 3,914 m2 once all the various support spaces are added.


Mangilaluk was built in 1990 and had a renovation in 2007. The current total building size is 2,622 m2. It contains 12 classrooms, one Kindergarten classroom, one career and technology studies room, one language/culture room, one home economics room, a gymnasium, and various other support spaces.

Mangilaluk was originally built to support Kindergarten through Grade 8, but it now offers Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12. This significant expansion in program offerings demanded additional space, and the renovation of existing space, in order to effectively deliver them.

In June 2009, an education report was prepared that assessed the functional adequacy of the existing space. The report recommended additional physical space to support high school programming and specifically expand career and technology studies.

A draft planning study for the renovation was prepared in 2012-13, revised in 2013-14 based on feedback from the Tuktoyaktuk District Education Authority, and assessed by the GNWT’s Peer Review Committee in 2014-15. It was subsequently advanced for funding as part of the corporate capital planning process. Funding began in 2017-18 as part of the 2017-18 Capital Estimates.


Architectural Drawings
Project Schedule – with phasing plan