GNWT Services in French

The GNWT believes that its communications, programs, and services should be available or accessible in French in significant demand communities through appropriate and practical methods that are adapted to the particular context and needs of the Francophone community.

Active Offer

The effective delivery of French language services will often involve the active offer.  An active offer is a greeting that informs the public that they may communicate in either French or English when requesting a service from the GNWT. Its purpose is to ensure that an individual feels comfortable expressing themselves in either language.

An active offer can take the form of a sign, personal greeting, or message. In contexts where urgent or highly confidential matters are likely to arise, the client should feel confident accessing the required service or in knowing it is available due to the active offer.

French language services are made readily available through:

  • having bilingual personnel at points of direct service to the public;
  • using referral systems to facilitate easy access to bilingual personnel or an interpretation service upon first contact between a French-speaking client and a non-French-speaking employee;
  • using the appropriate bilingual publication format for public information and usage materials; and,
  • presenting materials in both languages in display areas and on websites.