GNWT Services in French

Services TNO

Services TNO is the French language service centre of the Government of the Northwest Territories. It brings together a variety of information and services to simplify administrative steps and facilitate access to services in French for citizens.

The office is located on the 1st floor of the Tatsaotı̨̀ne Building at 5015 - 49th Street. 

Some of the more popular services offered by Services TNO include the following: 

  • Notary Public
  • Applications for Health Care Cards 
  • Hunting Licences
  • Fishing Licences  
  • Marriage Certificates   
  • Liquor Licenses 

In addition to Services TNO, you can learn more about GNWT services in French by contacting the French Language Services Coordinators of the various government institutions, or by visiting their various web sites.

For more information, please contact Services TNO toll-free at 1-866-561-1664.