Schools North Apprenticeship Program

Schools North Apprenticeship Program (SNAP)


The Schools North Apprenticeship Program (SNAP) is a work experience program for high school students in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Launched in in 1995 to encourage students to consider skilled trades as a great career choice and to help students make the transition from school to work, SNAP provides high school students interested in skilled trades with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while completing their high school education and earning work experience credits.

SNAP also provides employers with the opportunity to develop young workers in a designated trade, fill their own skill gaps and re-invest in their home communities. 


Participation in SNAP benefits students and employers.

SNAP students benefit by:
•    Gaining exposure to skilled trades, which are in demand in the NWT; 
•    Gaining valuable supervised experience at an employer’s work site; 
•    Earning wages while obtaining high school credits; 
•    Contributing to and participating in the northern workforce; 
•    Having an alternate educational opportunity;
•    Learning valuable work skills;
•    Exploring career opportunities while working towards high school completion; and
•    Earning work experience hours (credits) towards a trades credential.
Employers who hire SNAP students benefit by: 
•    Accessing eager young workers to address their workforce needs;
•    Reducing their training and recruitment costs;
•    Supporting enhanced worker retention through early training and development;
•    Demonstrating commitment to hire and train NWT workers which supports positive brand reputation;
•    Supporting the development of the NWT workforce; 
•    Helping their bottom line, as data shows that for every $1 spent on apprenticeship training, a business receives an average of $1.47 in benefits (Canadian Apprenticeship Forum – Forum Canadien sur L’Apprentissage 2017 landmark study); and
•    Accessing financial incentives offered by the GNWT.


A student is eligible for this program if they:

  • Are at least 16 years of age;
  • Attend high school in the NWT;
  • Have a social insurance number (SIN);
  • Have consent from a parent/guardian (if under 18 years of age);
  • Maintain good attendance in all classes;
  • Remain caught up on school work;
  • Are interested in hands-on-learning;
  • Obtain an agreement from an employer who can provide meaningful work under the supervision of a qualified journeyperson in a safe work environment; and
  • Are prepared to learn and take direction from a supervisor. 

An employer is eligible for funding for this program, if they:

  • Employ a SNAP student in a work placement in the trades;
  • Are a registered business in operation in the NWT for a minimum of six months; 
  • Are licensed to operate in the NWT; and 
  • Are supervising apprentices who are:
  • Registered with the Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification program or registered as a SNAP student; 
  • A resident of the NWT; and
  • Not employed with the GNWT or Housing Corp.

Available funding

The Trades and Occupation Wage Subsidy Program (TOWSP) can assist employers with offsetting the costs of hiring apprentices. An employer can receive a wage subsidy for up to 3,200 hours of work experience (a maximum of 1,600 hours per fiscal year) at a maximum of $9.00 per hour, and $16.00 for female apprentices in non-traditional trades.


There is no deadline to apply; students and employers can apply at any time.

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