Schools North Apprenticeship Program

Schools North Apprenticeship Program (SNAP)

  • What is SNAP? 
    • ​SNAP is a work experience program for NWT high school students. 
    • Provides students who are interested in skilled trades with a way to gain valuable work experience while also attending high school. 
  • What are the benefits of SNAP? 
    • This program assists students in gaining valuable work skills and exploring career alternatives. 
    • Earn money while learning a trade. 
    • Gain high school credits and have the support of employer and teachers to learn your chosen trade while completing your high school education at the same time! 
  • ​How to register for SNAP?
    • ​Talk to you parent/guardian and then tell your School's SNAP Administrator that you are interested. They will help you complete the nessecary forms and get you on your way to becoming a registered SNAP Apprentice. 

Click the following links for SNAP promotional videos and more information: