Build Your Skills

This pilot program allows potential and current apprentices to access curriculum supports online and essential skills tools to learn more effectively. Build Your Skills provides formal essential skills assessments to identify foundational skill gaps. This online support uses trade-specific assessments to navigate the on the job and technical training.

There are new learning resources for every year of apprenticeship training. Through Build Your Skills you can get support in the areas that you find most challenging. Participation in Build Your Skills can help future apprentices get ready to take the Trades Entrance Exam and help apprentices be successful in completing their technical training. Subject areas include:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Document use
  • Numeracy
  • Science requirements

There are many supports available to help you succeed in your career in the skilled trades. Speak with your Career Development Officer today to enrol in Build Your Skills.
The need for a program such as Build Your Skills was identified in the NWT Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupational Certification Strategy, 2017-2022. Goal #2 commits to bridging education and employment gaps through targeted supports.

Frequently Asked Questions 


How can I enrol? 
Speak with your Career Development Officer today to enrol in the program. This is a confidential program. Only you, your CDO and the Build Your Skills administrator will know about this support. 

What subject areas can Build Your Skills help me with? 
Build Your Skills outlines the math, reading, document use, numeracy, and science requirements tied to technical and on the job training.

How will the areas I need help in be identified?
Build Your Skills provides a formal essential skills assessment to identify foundational skill gaps.