Indigenous Languages and Education Policy (JK-12)

As part of GNWT’s commitment to reconciliation and the 18th Legislative Assembly mandate to renew the former Aboriginal Language and Culture Based (ALCBE) (2004) Directive, ECE finalized the new NWT Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 (JK-12) Indigenous Languages and Education (ILE) Policy (2018) by ensuring Indigenous language instruction and culture-based school programs are supported and adequately resourced.  The Indigenous Languages and Education Secretariat oversees the implementation of the ILE Policy.

The ILE policy provides a more effective way to support education bodies in the delivery of Indigenous languages and education programming by outlining improved program guidelines, training, funding, and accountability measures. It also supports language and culture-based learning by focusing on promoting Indigenous worldviews, cultures, and languages of communities in which schools are located.

Supporting Documents

The following 4 supporting documents will support the phased-in implementation of the policy over the next three years:

The ILE Procedures Manual

  • Outlines the funding conditions and reporting expectations associated with the new ILE Policy.

The ILE Handbook

  • Describes how to operationalize the ILE Funding Policy, and share promising practices regarding Indigenous languages and education programming in the NWT

The NWT School Funding Framework

  • Delineates the new funding formulas and conditional limits

The Education Accountability Framework

  • Discusses planning for and reporting on Indigenous Languages and Education programming


The ILE Policy is also supported through five primary avenues of financial support:

  • Regional Indigenous Languages and Education Coordinators (RILE)  - positions within Education bodies that provide a regional leadership role
  • Indigenous Education - for operation and maintenance of Indigenous education programs and activities in NWT schools
  • Indigenous Languages Instruction - for Indigenous language instructors’ benefits and salaries;
  • Our Languages Resource Development (Previously TLCs) - for resource development activities to support the Our Languages Curriculum and ILE Handbook
  • Community Support - to purchase on-the-land equipment and supplies, hire cultural resource experts for short term projects, and provide Indigenous language and education training within communities.