Indigenous Languages Month Toolkit

Download and share these social media posts, graphics, and other tools for anyone who wants to help celebrate Indigenous Languages Month.


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Social Media Images

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Social Media Messages

We developed the following messages to help you promote Indigenous Languages Month on your social media.

You can post these messages as is, use them to inspire your own content, or adapt them to the needs of your audience or to the specifications of the platform you use.

  • February is #IndigenousLanguagesMonth and we are recognizing the importance of preserving our Indigenous languages. Please take the time today to use your language or to learn a simple phrases in an Indigenous language(s).
  • We’re celebrating #IndigenousLanguagesMonth by…
  • #IndigenousLanguagesMonth is here! Take time this month to learn about the diverse Indigenous languages in NWT and encourage everyone to use them with pride.

Indigenous Languages Sheets


Community event and activity ideas

  • Host an Indigenous language coffee and tea chat where people can get together to practice their language skills in a casual setting over coffee.
  • Host an outdoor walk, ski or snowmobile ride on the land and try to name landmarks and natural features in the local Indigenous language.
  • Host a games night at your local community centre and play UNO, Go Fish, or the Memory Game in an Indigenous language.
  • Get a group together and collect wood, go trapping or go to camp with a language speaker while immersing yourself in the language.
  • Label items in your office or school in an Indigenous language and try to only use that word for the month of February.
  • Host a sewing circle and immerse yourself in the language.
  • Put on an event to celebrate Indigenous languages through the arts.