Education Hall of Fame


The Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) launched the Education Hall of Fame in 2010 to recognize that we all play an important role in supporting the education of our children. It reflects the valuable contributions that people make as educators, Elders, administrators, volunteers, coaches, students, advocates, sponsors and businesses.

The Education Hall of Fame provides lasting recognition and gratitude toward those who have provided exemplary service or made a lasting impression to the field of education in the Northwest Territories.

How to nominate a person or organization: 

Nominations are accepted from any resident of the Northwest Territories.

To nominate a person or an organization:

Stay tuned for the 2023 Education Hall of Fame nomination package

For assistance in filling out this form please contact Danielle Couture at 867-767-9353 ext. 71267 or by email at

Who is eligible?

Eligible recipients must:

  1. be a current resident of the NWT or have been a resident for more than 15 years if currently residing outside the territory.
  2. have made a significant, long-term contribution to education and must be independently motivated by a genuine desire to make a difference.

Eligible recipients include:

Administration Staff


Corporate Sponsors

Aurora College Board Members


Indigenous Governments

Aurora College Faculty



Aurora College Staff


PAC Members

Board Trustees



DEA/DEC Members

Support Assistants




Posthumous Award

How are nominees selected?

The successful nominees are selected by a committee comprised of a representative from the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, the Northwest Territories Teachers' Association (NWTTA) and the Northwest Territories Superintendents’ Association. The Committee is chaired by the Assistant Deputy Minister of Education and Culture.

Each nomination will be evaluated using the following equally graded criteria:

  1. Contributions to the Profession: How the individual or group has contributed to education in the Northwest Territories
  1. Leadership Skills: How the individual or group has demonstrated leadership combined with a contribution to education
  1. Support for Indigenizing Education: How the individual or group supported and encouraged Indigenous cultures and languages
  1. Breadth of Impact: How the individual or group has impacted an individual, school, colleagues and community
  1. Contribution to Community: How the individual or group has been involved, supported or led community-based activities

Education Hall of Fame Inductees

2021-22 Inductees:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in lieu of a ceremony, ECE produced a video to celebrate the achievements of 2021-2022 inductees. Watch the video here:

Education Hall of Fame 2022


2022 Inductees:

  • Adrien Amirault, Yellowknife – Minister’s Choice recipient
  • Deborah Reid, Hay River
  • Josée Clermont, Yellowknife
  • Eugène Roach, Yellowknife

2021 Inductees:

  • Frank Galway, Inuvik – Minister’s Choice recipient
  • Pauline Tardiff (Gordon), Aklavik/Fort Smith
  • Ed Lippert, Yellowknife
  • Neil Penney, Dettah

2020 Inductees

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Education Hall of Fame was cancelled.

2019 Inductees:

  • Sheila Cook, Hay River
  • Eileen Erasmus, Yellowknife
  • Michelle Brown, Fort Smith
  • Brenda Johnson, Yellowknife
  • Gayle Strikes With A Gun, Yellowknife
  • Claudia Parker, Yellowknife
  • Steve Nicoll, Fort Simpson
  • Sheila Kindred, Fort Smith

2018 Inductees:

  • Bella Kay, Inuvik
  • Chris Gilmour, Inuvik
  • Brian Jaffray, Fort Simpson
  • Lois Lafferty, Fort Smith
  • Jean-Marie Mariez, Yellowknife
  • Gerard Landry, Yellowknife
  • Rosa Mantla, Behchokǫ̀

2017 Inductees:

  • Allan McDonald
  • Annie Felix
  • Chuck Lirette
  • Dave Roebuck
  • Denise Bowen
  • Merril Dean
  • Shane Brewster
  • Teresa Jaffray

2016 Inductees: 

  • Sarah Jerome, Beaufort Delta 
  • Valerie Gendron, Dehcho 
  • Vivian Pellissey, Sahtu 
  • Jane Dragon, South Slave
  • Jim Martin, Tłįchǫ
  • Rita Mueller, North Slave 
  • Muriel Tolley, Minister’s Choice Award

2015 Inductees: 

  • Lea Lamoureux, Significant contribution to attendance initiatives in schools
  • Ted Blondin, Significant contribution to student learning by an Elder
  • Doris Camsell, Significant contribution to traditional learning, language and culture in schools
  • Dean MacInnis, Significant contribution to safe and caring environments for students
  • Reanna Erasmus, Significant contribution to early childhood program support and inclusive education
  • Bruce Green, Significant contribution to innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Marja Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Significant contribution to excellence in teaching and supporting numeracy
  • Carole Bachand, Significant contribution to excellence in teaching and supporting literacy
  • Michel Louis Rabesca, Minister’s choice

2014 Inductees:

  • Lorna Storr, Beaufort Delta 
  • Martina Norwegian, Dehcho 
  • Liz Baile, North Slave 
  • Celine Marlowe, South Slave 
  • George Cleary, Sahtu
  • Valerie Nevile Carter, Minister's Choice Award

2013 Inductees: 

  • Andy Norwegian, Dehcho 
  • Beverly Masuzumi, Sahtu
  • Bill Gilday, North Slave
  • Janie Jones, Beaufort Delta
  • Jill Taylor, South Slave
  • Mary Adele Flunkie, Tłįchǫ
  • Anne-Mieke Cameron, Minister's Choice Award

2012 Inductees: 

  • Betty Barnaby, Sahtu
  • Chris Baron, Tłįchǫ
  • Angela James, North Slave
  • Helen Kitekudlak, Beaufort Delta
  • Kevin Antoniak, South Slave
  • Margaret Thom, Dehcho
  • Dr. Curtis Brown, Minister's Choice Award

2011 Inductees: 

  • Dorothy Beaulieu, South Slave
  • Ed Jeske, North Slave
  • Ethel Blondin-Andrew, Shatu
  • Joanne Tetlichi, Beaufort Delta
  • Lucy Lafferty, Tłįchǫ
  • Margaret Field, Dehcho
  • Garth Brasseur, Minister's Choice Award

2010 Inductees:

  • Elizabeth Mackenzie, Behchoko
  • John Miltenberger, Fort Smith
  • Jerry Ruben, Fort Smith
  • Michael Botermans, Behchoko
  • Toni Harker Auge, Yellowknife
  • Miki O'Kane, Inuvik
  • Chuck Tolley, Yellowknife
  • Irma Miron, Hay River
  • Sylvia Boyer, Hay River
  • Brent Kaulback, Fort Smith
  • Alice Cambridge, Hay River
  • Anne Enge, Yellowknife
  • Cliff King, Inuvik
  • John Carroll, Hay River
  • Margo McLeod, Aklavik