AURORA COLLEGE - Academic Plan completion marks critical milestone in Transformation of College

YELLOWKNIFE, NT – (September 28, 2021) – As part of strengthening the
foundation and planning for change, Aurora College has released its first
ever Academic Plan, a critical milestone in the transformation of Aurora
College to a polytechnic university. Students, stakeholders, and the public
can now see how the College intends to support the academic achievement
of students and the framework for processes of continuous quality
improvement over the next three years. The Plan is available on the
Aurora College website.

An academic plan is a central planning tool for post-secondary education
institutions in Canada. The process of developing an academic plan is
itself a clear sign of progress in the transformation journey. The Academic
Plan describes many of the important developments in the current Aurora
College Strategic Plan, Strengthening the Foundation and Planning for
Change Aurora College and will serve as a bridge between Aurora College’s
overarching strategic goals and academic program management.

This is the first and last Academic Plan for Aurora College as the next
version will be for the Polytechnic Five-Year Academic Plan in 2024.


“Aurora College is a learning-centred institution that strives to create
equitable opportunities for northerners to access quality post-secondary
programs. The Academic Plan identifies long term and short-term
objectives to match the mission of the College with the needs of learners.
The completion of the Academic Plan speaks to the strengthened
foundation and capacity at the College.”
- Andy Bevan, President, Aurora College

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