Inuvik East Three School – Beaufort Delta Region

Feature Initiative

The Canada-Northwest Territories Job Fund is now available, expanding on ECE’s programs to support workplace skills development and training.

The ninth annual Media Literacy Week is happening November 3-7 this year, and this year’s theme is Youth & Social Networking: Creative, connected and collaborative – focusing on the positive uses of social networking by young people and encouraging adults to work with young people to explore the opportunities that social networking tools provide for contributing positively to society and building digital skills for the future. 

Today’s children will determine what society will be like in the future. They will shape the world! Our children are precious and full of potential. Yet they are also vulnerable, and deserve to grow up in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Children who are well cared for in their earliest years are far more likely to be successful in school, more productive at work, have greater financial success and be healthier throughout their lives.

The Department of Education Culture and Employment (ECE) is reaching out to put a stop to bullying – at school, in our communities, and online. We’ve launched a campaign to create awareness that bullying is not acceptable, and that more students and people are standing up to bullying.

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