Yellowknife Catholic Schools' École St. Joseph Receives Four New Modular Units

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YELLOWKNIFE (April 24, 2018) - The Minister of Education, Culture and Employment, Caroline Cochrane, and Miles Welsh, Chair of Yellowknife Catholic Schools, are pleased to announce the addition of three new modular classrooms and one washroom modular for École St. Joseph School. 

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment conducted a space assessment of all Yellowknife schools, completed in January 2018. The report projected that by 2027 Yellowknife will see an increase of 200 students, and recommended increasing school capacity across the city over the next five years.

At a cost of $1.5 million, the modular units will increase the capacity of Yellowknife Catholic Schools’ population by 66 students and will be in place at École St. Joseph School for the 2018-19 school year.


“We consistently track enrolments across the Northwest Territories to ensure the needs of students and school communities are met. Increasing enrolments across the city have necessitated a plan to increase structural capacity over the next five years, and the modular classrooms are the first step in addressing these needs.”

-Caroline Cochrane, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment

“Ensuring that the children and educational staff of our school district have the appropriate facilities to meet and exceed students’ learning objectives is one of the utmost priorities of Yellowknife Catholic Schools.  The YCS board is pleased with the level of collaboration and partnership that the Department of Education, Culture and Employment has brought to this project.  This added classroom space will not only benefit our students for years to come, but represents strategic infrastructure investment in our community.”

-Miles Welsh, Board Chair of Yellowknife Catholic Schools

Quick Facts:

  • The Department of Education, Culture and Employment is responsible for the management of its infrastructure, including schools, colleges, community learning centres, libraries across the NWT and the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.
  • Capital planning projects are identified by considering the condition of an asset and program need.
  • Projects receive a higher priority when improvements to the technical condition of the asset will protect people and assets:
    • Capital planning considers the expected useful life of a building is 40 years.
    • The replacement or major renovation of a building is considered as it approaches 40 years from construction, or 20 years from a major renovation.
    • Upgrades and maintenance can extend the expected useful life of a building.
    • The need for new or additional school space is typically reviewed when attendance reaches 85% utilization in a community.  
  • École St. Joseph School is currently at 98% utilization.

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For more information, contact:

Claudia Parker

Superintendent, Yellowknife Catholic Schools

T: 867-766-7400


Jacqueline McKinnon

Manager, Communications and Public Affairs

Department of Education, Culture and Employment

T: 867-767-9352 ext. 71073