Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting

Students and their families need clear, meaningful information about how students are doing in school. This includes how students are progressing in their learning. This information helps parents better understand what their child’s strengths are in school, and where they need better support. Teachers need to assess student learning regularly so they know how to adjust their teaching to continue to help each student grow. The government also needs to collect information and data about the education system as a whole. This is done through assessment tools that all schools use -- to know in what area there is progress towards our goals, and where programs have to be adjusted to address challenges. That information and progress need to be shared with the public to which the government is accountable.

The work of Education Renewal in this area focuses first on finding the assessment tools that are the best fit for the NWT education system today. The Alberta Achievement Test (AAT) is no longer going to be available. This assessment tool has been used across NWT schools for many years, so now we need to choose a different one. Those that are being looked at include tools certain NWT regions may already be using. We are also researching formative assessment tools for use across the NWT (ie. all-school or all-territory writes).  Finally, the work in this area will also involve training educators on the best practices in student assessment today, as well as communicating with students, parents and communities about those promising practices.