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Upcoming Meetings and Conferences

The 2nd Our Languages curriculum in-service will take place Sept 17-19, 2019 with workshops and activities geared towards the implementation of the new Indigenous languages curriculum in NWT schools.  Approximately 70 Indigenous language instructors and teachers, RILE Coordinators, and Regional Indigenous Language Coordinators (RILCs) will be in attendance for the in-service.

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Annual Activities and Events 

  • International Year of Indigenous Languages (2019)
  • Indigenous Languages Month
    • ​​​February is Indigenous Languages Month in the Northwest Territories! This designation provides an opportunity for all language groups across the NWT to celebrate their languages and culture. As well, this month provides an extra occasion to celebrate the richness of language and culture across the territory, and is a great opportunity to encourage people to learn about and use our nine official Indigenous languages with pride. During the month of February, we encourage everyone to do what you can to celebrate Indigenous languages and cultures in your community. NWT Literacy Council has come up with a great resource section for ideas on how to celebrate Indigneous Languages Month. Click here to access that information
  • "Hi, my name is..." Campaign
    • The “Hi, my name is…” (HMNI) Sticker Campaign kicked off alongside Indigenous Languages Month in 2016. These name-tag stickers translate the common English phrase “Hello, my name is…” into the nine official aboriginal languages of the NWT. We thought this would be a great first step towards language learning: introducing ourselves to people in our communities! ILES created these stickers to mark the common purpose as partners in language revitalization across the territory. This theme was chosen to enable us to introduce ourselves to the people we serve in our communities and to symbolize the shared responsibility for language revitalization our government shares in partnership with Indigenous governments. We hope that these stickers and phrases will contribute to building relationships with one another!