French/Francais Curriculum Information and Documents 

There are 3 types of French programming available to students in the NWT and each have their own curricula. 

  1. Francais: These curricula are designated for students who are attending a francophone school.
  2. French Language Arts: These curricula are designed for students enrolled in a French Immersion program.
  3. French (Core French): These curricula are designed for students taking French courses for at least 30 minutes a day. From Grade 1 to 9, the NWT curriculum is based on 3 levels of competencies. From Grade 10 to 12, there are two different course pathways for students in Core French, -9y and -3y. The -9y sequence is for students who have been studying French since the primary years and the -3y sequence is for students who are starting to study French as they enter the Senior Secondary years.