Indigenous Languages and Education Secretariat

NWT Aboriginal Languages Framework: A Shared Responsibility

The Northwest Territories Aboriginal Languages Framework tabled in May 2017, builds upon the 10-year NWT Aboriginal Languages Plan: A Shared Responsibility that was released in 2010 and set out a plan for strengthening Aboriginal languages across the Northwest Territories. Since then, there have been significant changes in how Aboriginal languages are supported in the NWT, including a shift in the way Aboriginal language communities are funded and the establishment of the Aboriginal Languages and Learning Secretariat (ALLS). Due to these changes, many aspects of the 2010 Plan have become out of date.  

The new framework is built around five essential elements that are required for language revitalization and that are needed to achieve the shared vision of an NWT where Aboriginal Languages are support, respected and thriving as languages of communication by all people. It describes a broad vision, goals and objectives, as well as a series of strategies and actions to support increased use of Aboriginal languages by residents and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).

This Framework, and forthcoming Action Plan that will accompany the Framework, will act as the blueprint and strategy for revitalizing and improving access to services in all nine official Aboriginal languages.