Youth Forum on Education

R.J. Simpson, the Minister of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE), has launched a Youth Forum on Education in the Northwest Territories (NWT) for the 2022-23 school year.

The forum is an opportunity for the Minister to hear directly from students about education issues that matter to them. The students’ perspectives and recommendations, particularly around the delivery and modernization of education, can assist the Minister to develop youth-centered policy and initiatives. This initiative will also empower youth to get involved, have a voice and be change-makers in their schools and communities.

Students will be asked to keep a written journal of their time on the Forum and reflect on what they’ve learned and contributed. They may also share information with fellow students about the work of the committee in order to gather feedback from the broader class or school population.

The forum consists of high school students from each education body in the NWT, as well as a superintendent representative, the Assistant Deputy Minister of Education and Culture, and may include external invitees going forward. The group will meet virtually to brainstorm and bring forward topics and issues. Students are supported in their work on the forum by a sponsor teacher at their school. They will meet during an appropriate break time during the school day, so students have access to school technology/infrastructure.

As directed by ECE and education leaders, projects and working groups may be initiated to support the work of the Forum.