Success and Wellbeing

Success looks different from one person to the next. Having a good sense of self-worth promotes success at school for everyone. A strong sense of identity is connected to positive feelings of self-worth and to the belief that your ideas and contributions matter. Schools that are inclusive and that reflect the community’s culture support the development of a strong sense of identity as well as engagement in learning.

Success is connected to a strong sense of belonging and of wellbeing. Success is supported by determination and resilience, confidence, and motivation for learning. The ability to self-regulate helps the ability to cope with challenges. It also contributes to success in learning and in life.  The development of resilience and self-regulation needs to be a central part of learning for all students. All learners also need to be offered equitable opportunities and conditions. Equitable social and educational opportunities are the foundations of some of the most successful and innovative education systems in the world.