Healthy Foods for Learning

We know from recent data gathered across the NWT that hunger is a real issue for many children. The health of children affects their development, their ability to learn, how and what they think of themselves, and their general wellbeing. Healthy students, and adults, are better learners. Students need to have nutritious food so they can grow well, have energy, and do their best learning. Thanks to the Anti-poverty Strategy, three government departments were given new, ongoing funding to improve access to healthy foods for children in the NWT. ECE distributes this annual funding among all NWT schools.

The work of Education Renewal in this area focuses on supporting schools in the spending of their money for healthy snack and meal programs. Schools first received this funding in the 2014-15 school year, and continue to receive it every year.  A resource package is being developed to give schools ideas about what foods to buy, how to prepare meals and menus, how to involve the community, and how to connect with people in the NWT who have expertise in nutrition. Schools will also receive help to communicate important healthy foods information, events, and activities with families and community partners.