Complex Needs

Developing an integrated approach to supporting students with complex needs

Some children have needs that are more serious than what a school team can handle well on their own. Other professionals, like a doctor, psychologist or social worker, need to partner together to help support those students and their families. All groups involved have to be able to share information and work together, with the family, to help the student. The creation of this partnership of integrated services, or of a wrap-around approach, is the focus of this area of the Education Renewal

ECE is researching what is currently working well in NWT communities and in other places in Canada to support children with complex needs through an integrated services approach. Challenges around privacy and access to information are being reviewed to ensure privacy is respected but information flows in a manner that is helpful to the child and famly. The working group will be developing an information sharing agreement with other GNWT departments which will provide needed information to those supporting students with complex needs and their families. Protocols and guidelines need to be created so that it happens the same secure and respectful way in all communities. The community-level staff involved will need to be trained on how to work together in this new way.